Artist’s Spotlight

October 2021
Luke Waller: Dancing in the Slaughterhouse

Luke Waller is nothing short of extraordinary. Viewing his work is impressive, but talking to him about his work is mind-boggling. We hope this brief interview we had with Luke will help open your eyes even wider into the complexities and impressions that Luke somewhat effortlessly creates.

Luke’s solo exhibition ‘Dancing in the Slaughter House’ will be on show between 5–12th October 2021. We hope to see many of you there.

September 2021
Nneka Uzoigwe: Waking Dream

When Nneka submitted work for our 2020 Summer Exhibition we were astounded by the beauty and serenity of her paintings and a level of maturity in the work not often seen in someone so young. It is her technical ability to create a rich tapestry of elements in thoughtful, striking compositions that won her the Green & Stone first place prize for her painting ‘Peonies in a Family Vase’. As a result, Green & Stone of Chelsea are delighted to host Nneka’s first ever solo show.

Nneka’s solo exhibition ‘Waking Dream’ will be on show between 5–18th September 2021. We hope to see many of you there.