Catherine Clancy


7–12 November 2022

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“If you do one thing with your life, remember to reforest your soul” — Dr Murray Cox

Catherine Clancy’s work as a painter echoes her approach to sculpture; she builds, takes away and builds again. Working with palette knives and impasto, cloths are soaked with oil paint, and wiped onto canvases to create both a feeling of sweeping energy and the emergence of light. New work is focused on both light in the landscape and in abstract paintings exploring fragments of light, strongly influenced by Turner; the light calling the form into existence.

This body of work came from a feeling of ‘the creative self’ running on empty with a desire to ‘reforest the soul’. Catherine fell back on her first love—poetry—and set up a conversation between the word and the image. The poems here are either newly found or remembered from past times. The trajectory of the artistic journey random, the image chasing the words of poetry. The medium of the work—ink —a new venture for Catherine.



Catherine Clancy is an English sculptor and painter. Her work is known for exploring the creation of beauty from the immaterial. “Art is held in the body. It is a conversation at depth, and every artwork is a ‘call’ to that depth.” Catherine holds a PhD in Philosophy and Fine Art from UOAL. She studied at Central St. Martin’s, London, and in Paris as the pupil of Jean Touret, sculptor of the altarpiece at Notre Dame. Catherine works in oils, acrylics and now inks in painting, her sculptures are cast in bronze. Catherine lives and practices at her studios in London (Rosetti Studios) and France (St. Emilion).



The Collection

Each Art Print is available in different sizes and we accept bespoke requests.

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The Book

Discover a gathering of the latest collection of paintings inspired by extracts of poetry

‘REFORESTING THE SOUL’ Art Book by Catherine Clancy will be for sale in the Gallery for £14.90.