Chelsea 7

Group Exhibition

18–27 October 2019

Chelsea 7 is an exhibition that unites seven artists and their responses to natural and built environments. This collaboration demonstrates that every artist resolves their relationship with their environment in their own unique way.

A recurring theme in all of the practitioners’ work is a sense of absence and our isolation within nature’s beauty. The empty table or ruin, uninhabited space, untouched surface, lone figure in isolation, or framed vista, enhance this feeling of isolation. There is a peace and tranquility to many of the works. There is a silence as the snapshot of a scene is recreated.

The paintings are a record of light and shade, mood, and the subtle changes in the atmosphere. Patterns on surfaces, structural elements in architecture and nature, and the ephemeral, invite us to look at these scenes more carefully, and enhance what could be easily overlooked. This reminds us of the natural order within which we must find our place.

Painting plays a central role in all the works. The variety of technical processes enables each artist to translate their vision. The surfaces are constructed by bold sweeping gestures or intricate and delicate mark-making, translucent washes, drips or glazes, and thin or thick layering. Different intensities of colour, vibrancy, warmth and brilliance help us locate ourselves within a time or place.

There is both an abstracted and literalised approach to the subject, but the very success of these paintings is how they demonstrate the awe and fascination that we hold for the natural world.