Consuelo Child-Villiers


10–15 October 2022

PV 11 October 2022, 18.30–20.30 pm


BOOK. 2022
Yellow and Blue Series
Oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm

“Consuelo Child-Villiers is a long established artist who free falls into a world of her own. No net. Independent. Thus her work is quietly, widely collected in Europe and North America. Figures, creatures, objects, and their secrets, dwell in her vision which is both playful and serious. Consuelo’s medium of expression is colour, colour as material fact, communication and soul-song in paint, usually and mostly oil paint.

Her mother-ground is centuries-old rooted in Spain, Mexico and Italy. Her father-spirit is Irish English.”

Guislaine Vincent de Damas

Consuelo trained at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy where she studied Sculpture and Painting, followed by History of Art at Christie’s Fine Arts in London. She has exhibited her work extensively in London, New York, Italy and the South of France. Her work has been acquired by various private collectors throughout Europe and the US. She lives and works in London.