Diana Mercado


17–28 May 2021

Diana Mercado was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and emigrated to New York City with her family when she was 12. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia University, and worked at Goldman Sachs and Metropolitan Life after finishing her studies. Diana is married and has one son. She moved to London with her husband in 2009, and lived there until 2020. Diana currently splits her time between New York and London. Always interested in creative expression, Diana began to paint and develop her technique while in London. Diana has studied at Art Academy London, New York Academy of Art and Chelsea College of Arts. Most recently, she has exhibited at The Gallery at Green & Stone in London

Mujeres is a series of studies of women captured during intimate moments of quiet introspection. These women are not objects of desire but are women moving through the everyday rituals of washing their hair, dressing or undressing. Spread across the canvas are the forms of women unafraid of their nakedness. Their bodies are caught in the stillness of moments of metamorphosis – when they heal, nurture, rebuild and get ready to face another day.

The muted palette and the unfinished quality of these studies are designed to lend an air of fragility and fortitude, of women trapped in their bare skin. Within the constraint of the canvas, their forms spread and their gaze turns inward, unconcerned with their audience. The viewers eyes may wander, linger upon a lock of hair or voluptuous curve, yet these women remain unmoved, secure in the stillness and simplicity of their moment.

Diana Mercado, May 2021