George Ciancimino

Drawn Compunds

24 February – 9 March 2020

Coloured Maze
Stainless Steel Polychrome,
24cm x 24cm

An exhibition of sculpture and original art works

George Ciancimino was born in Algiers in 1928 and began his career in Paris, working as a ceramicist and sculptor´s assistant. In the mid 1950´s he moved to North America where he branched out into furniture design, before eventually settling in London. In Chelsea, he and his brother Jean-Claude set up an antiques business, specialising in Renaissance and Antiquities.

In the late 60´s George returned to furniture and product design and opened his gallery on the Kings Road, developing a distinctive style that blended his interest in Japanese craftsmanship with his passion for modern industrial processes. He developed a number of fruitful relationships with architects and decorators, especially in the UK, and from there went on to build his own interior design consultancy.