Josephine Trotter

Original Works on Paper

8–18 October 2020

Josephine Trotter is an eminent British artist who lives and works in Oxfordshire. In her early years, Josephine was tutored by Maurice Feild, an English painter and printmaker closely associated with the Euston Road School. She was formally trained at St Albans School of Art and, later, Chelsea School of Art, receiving a BA Hons in 1961.

Josephine has an innate love of the landscape and she paints entirely en plein air, in direct response to her surrounding. This spontaneity and joy of paint are reflected in the sumptuous, vibrant scenes she has painted all over the world; from Egypt to India, Italy and France, to the rolling hills surrounding her Oxfordshire home. Whilst Josephine had a love of landscape instilled in her from an early age, portraits, life drawings, interior scenes and still lifes also engage her and have become increasingly important throughout her career. Whatever the subject, Josephine finds enormous joy in painting; she finds her inspiration in the smell, texture and colour of oil paints, and when she travels she carries her gouache and paper so she can always capture her surrounds.