Lara Robinson


19—24 September 2022

Private View: 20 September, 18.30–20.30

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Front cover: ON TOP OF THE HILL. 2022. Oil on board. 26 x 46 cm

An exciting second solo exhibition for Lara Robinson, ‘Life in Motion’ charts new ground in Lara’s artistic career, bringing together a coherent collection of Lara’s best work yet.

Taking inspiration from moments where life is at its most vibrant and sensations are heightened, Lara has encapsulated what it is to feel on the verge of victory, of ecstasy, of being transported out of the everyday.To Lara, this is life as she sees it, and ‘Life in Motion’ offers an enthralling glimpse into these momentary flashes of wonder as a collection.

‘Life in Motion’ is, well, life as it should be.

Lara Robinson is a classically trained contemporary artist based between London, Wiltshire and Cornwall. Having grown up amongst the beaches of Cornwall and the rolling hills of the countryside, Lara’s training in Florence and Barcelona means her style crosses classical training with a more individual impressionism and imbues her work with a real sense of vibrancy and life.

Having put on one stellar solo show in London in November 2020, exhibited at Nadia Waterfield in Spring 2021 and the Mall Galleries, London in December 2021, Lara is back with an exciting new body of work that encapsulates her way of thinking about art. Art is life, and life is art, and in this collection, you can feel Lara’s take on the world around her and the passages of life that inspire her.