Luke Waller

Dancing in the Slaughterhouse

5–12 October 2021

The Leak
Acrylic on paper, 32 x 32 cm. 2020.
Burnham-On-Crouch, 1954
Acrylic on paper, 26 x 26 cm. 2012.

Luke Waller is an artist painting figurative, photo-realist pieces. He studied Illustration at University of the Arts London. 

The intention of my artwork is to record a kind of reality. Life can be distorted, and it helps me to paint it creating a redefined autobiography. By creating portraiture that is rooted in imagination I hope to conjure up the spectator’s own experiences when viewing. 

When composing a piece, I combine existing elements from film, television and fashion photography into a new image, a curatorial and collage process. I take these found fragments acting as symbols creating a freeze-frame of a moment in time. Telling the story of elusive subjects in this way allows me to disconnect and use a masked narrative to express scenarios and relationships of my life. 

I paint the compositions on paper at an intimate scale. People have declared the end of painting, I couldn’t disagree more; I have utilized alternative media, but painting is my favoured. 

I do disclose the narrative behind each piece when asked, keeping it personal yet reserving a degree of obscurity. It is not a problem to be misunderstood sometimes; the stories could be less interesting than the paintings themselves. I only hope this prompts the onlooker’s own questioning of the scene and creates an affiliation.

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