Marie-Claire Kerr II

The Garden Collection

21 October–4 November 2021

Private View: 26 October 6.00–8.30 pm


Water Garden I
Oil on board 55.9 x 45.6 cm.
Magnolia II
Oil on canvas 80.7 × 65 cm.

Marie-Claire Kerr (nee Black) was born in 1962 and brought up in Fife, Scotland. In 1978 she travelled to Spain to study as an apprentice to Catalan artist Joaquin Torrents-Llado. Returning to London in 1982, Marie-Claire then started her own studio.

Although her career has been mostly
London based, Marie-Claire has also spent a considerable amount of time on the west coast of the USA and in Paris, undertaking a number of commissions on both continents. Portrait commissions form the majority of her work, but flower paintings, landscape and still life also form an important part of the portfolio.

Exhibitions include Cadogan Gallery, and group shows at London’s Cork Street and with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Mall Galleries.

Seeking inspiration amidst adversity during the national Covid 19 lockdowns of 2020 – 2021, Marie-Claire Kerr worked on a self-initiated, ongoing project: to capture in oils the changing seasons in one of England’s finest classical gardens, Melbourne Hall Gardens, Derbyshire. To realise the full potential of the project, Marie-Claire worked in collaboration with the fashion designer Laura Greene to create a new collection of textile designs inspired by the painting series, The Garden Collection.

The Garden Collection marks an exciting milestone for me, as well as for the gardens at Melbourne Hall. Most years the gardens are open to the public throughout the summer and autumn but over the past 18 months, with the realities of the pandemic and rolling lockdowns, the garden has had to keep its own secrets.

My work with the gardens has been a lifelong journey, including 30 years of new plantings and designs within the garden itself, and always trying to capture those changes on canvas. To now see those make their way into the world of fashion really ties together some of my great joys in life.”

Marie-Claire Kerr, August 2021.