Maryam, Marguerite and Carolina


28 June 2021

Maryam D’Abo. Nude 1, 
2020. Charcoal on paper, 84.1 x 59.4 cm.

Born in England from a Dutch father and Georgian mother, Maryam d’Abo grew up in Europe.

Inspired by people, characters and their stories, Maryam became an actress and travelled around the world through her work. After surviving a brain haemorrhage, she began life drawing classes at Heatherleys with Tony Mott and George Lavantis and discovered a new way of expressing herself.

The use of charcoal, pastel and inks are transferred onto paper, where the mystery of the nude is explored… Maryam is driven by an innate interest in people’s expressions, their faces, bodies and the challenge to capture the moment in their beings.


Marguerite van Boetzelaer, is a Dutch visual artist with a background in physio-philosophy.

Her work echoes the ethereal world with strong somatic references that are subject to fugitive forces that have an impenetrable logic.

Strong references of the surreal, in which the use of line explores traveling through space, like thread weaving and penetrating through air and dust, finding walls at different angles, bursting into various veiled forms.

Gravity disappears and perspective warps. Floating fragments of various media referencing the figure, drifting through the material world as a story appears, no beginning or end, just movement taking it into the formless; space reigns supreme.

“An extrapolation of aerial views that makes any grounding of coherence difficult to imagine” A dance of veils.

The continuous thread, expressed through copper wire, charcoal lines, simple ceramic, photography and film as well as other material combinations and textures, have and are all continuously being explored in this summarisation of impressions.

Marguerite van Boetzelaer. DANCE À 3,
2020. Print on voile, 95 x 110 cm.
Carolina Ferreyra Lehmkuhl. Conversations,
2020. Gouache, ink and pastels on paper, 100 x 70 cm.

Carolina Ferreyra Lehmkuhl was born in Argentina and is currently living between London and Geneva. She has a BA and MA in Art History and has trained as a visual artist in Buenos Aires, Geneva and London, alternating between figurative and abstraction.

Her distinctive visual art territory is that about insinuation, ambiguity, intuition and imprecision more than description . 

“Nothing I do is definite and can quickly change course ever remaining irresolute with a preference to insinuate rather than to describe”. Figures, space, shapes and colour remains uncertain and indecisive yet frequently dense and expressive. The intense line unifies, directs and connects this creative process of resolution and irresolution.

The series of work titled: Conversations, Têtê à têtê and Threads are about communication between people and their need to be heard, to express their feelings ideas and experiences. While creating them I get inspired by imaginary dialogues between two or more people and transfer them onto paper in forms of colours, hesitant or strong lines and marks which express the misunderstandings, the obvious, the stuttering, the humour, the questions, doubts, lapses, aggressiveness, interruptions and the different kinds of verbal language people use to manifest themselves.