Nat Michele

Only When I’m Dreaming

7–11 July 2021

Hand printed cyanotype reproduced as a Giclée fine art print on 310 gsm sustainable Hahnemühle German etching art paper
Limited edition print run of 100, 20 x 20 inches

Natalie has an eye for detail and a passion for honest, storytelling through the process of film photography and alternative printing techniques. The light weight and manoeuvrable nature of 35mm photography enables Natalie to capture candid moments with love, care and attention – whether that be in a musician’s studio, on location or within nature.

Natalie’s eye and artistic expression stems heavily from her background in fine art. Her pictures stretch beyond the realm of just documentary or reportage photography; as can be seen in her thoughtful compositions, tone, form and texture of her final pieces. She encourages herself to not only look at the wider, longer story beyond each subject, but how each frame can stand alone comfortably, whether that be on a gallery wall, in a book, an artist’s Instagram page or on an album cover.

I personally love that we live in a very visual world in 2021, but my true passion doesn’t come from instancy and digital perfection. Much like my taste in music, I like to focus my attention on creating something that makes the viewer feel the way in intended, however raw, and unedited and “imperfect” it may be.

Hand printed cyanotype reproduced as a Giclée fine art print on 310 gsm sustainable Hahnemühle German etching art paper
Limited edition print run of 100, 20 x 15 inches

“Only When I’m Dreaming” is a collection of hand-printed cyanotypes inspired by my childhood growing up close to the ocean in Cornwall and is an introspective study of my eternal love of water and its healing properties. After so long spent apart from loved ones during the pandemic, many of us have turned to photography, art and music for comfort; immersing ourselves in that sweet aching nostalgia which they bring to our lives – longing for brighter days ahead. The non-tactile elements of light and sound and the ability they have to transport us emotionally through the mediums of music and photography, have long been understood, but seemingly the pandemic created a life for many of us where this was not only a joy, but a necessity for mental strength and a feeling of togetherness.

The ocean for me, personally, has been incredibly healing, and the process of creating these images from my small west London flat throughout the pandemic, offered me a much-needed form of escapism, when a physical escape from London was not possible. Sometimes we all need to take a breather from the day-to-day stresses we feel in life. For me, as somebody who has struggled with sleep and my racing subconscious mind due to a post-traumatic stress diagnosis, this collection has been a vital step towards recovery, and rewriting the recurring dreams which have long dictated how I feel.


We are delighted that Nat’s exhibition will be sponsored by Sharp’s Brewery and Doom Bar Amber Ale. Come along to the Private View on the 8th July to enjoy a nice cold glass of beer.

Inspired by music, Nat has hand crafted a playlist to accompany her exhibition. Listen to it here.