Shelly Bancroft


An Exhibition of Small Works

30 October – 3 November 2019

Arcadian Light
Glass Cast from Clay Original
Edition 1/3
35 x 28 cm

Shelly had a peripatetic childhood, full of adventure, travelling all over Africa and also to Argentina, before settling in Oxford at the age of eleven. She drew and read prolifically from an early age. Living in remote areas of the Tropics introduced her to the magic of different worlds and cultures.

She focused on figurative art and film making (and history of) for her degree in Fine Art at Leeds University. This was followed by an MA in film directing at the Royal College of Art School of Film and Television. She has since worked in the film industry as a Creative Affairs Executive (for a Hollywood studio) and in Film Acquisitions, Development and as a Creative Producer. 

Realising that she missed the tactile process of making an image, she has returned to figurative art (in parallel with her work in film). Her interest in light and form – not only through film making, but observational drawing, etching and watercolour, has evolved into an enchantment with the line and contour of relief sculpture and, most recently, the translucency of porcelain and casting in glass.

Inspired by ancient Asian, Eastern and classical Greek iconography, her work explores themes around physical intimacy, vitality and memory; representations of touch and being, whether they be images of sanctity or passion. She has been using a haptic ”felt” technique of indentation on small plaques, to capture moments of presence and form, like footprints in the sand. Making positive versions of the indented work has been a process around conjuring an enshrinement of touch in a transitory world. She is now casting her work in glass, working with glass artists Lolita Diot-Parslow and Monette Larson. She is also starting to explore evocations of physical and spiritual energy with porcelain and light.
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